There and Here - JongKey Blurb

written in the ask of sment-kimyoungmin


Key shot up in bed, eyes wide. He woke up from another nightmare, sweating and gasping. He swallowed hard and waited for his eyes to adjust in the dark, his breathing uneven. He quickly reached up to wipe away the sweat on his forehead, telling himself to calm down - it had just been another dream.

"Kibum?" Jonghyun’s voice was groggy but soft next to him, but Key flinched regardless at the sudden noise. 

"N-No." Key whimpered slightly, still caught up in the dream, in the flashes - in the pain that, despite not being real, had been so utterly vivid. "N-no, no-" Key’s voice choked up and Jonghyun sat up in bed quickly, realizing what had happened.

"Hey, hey," Jonghyun soothed, putting an arm around the younger boy who shrank away, choking out soft broken sobs, small cries of protest. Jonghyun swallowed back his own tears, realizing that Key was still stuck in the dark dimensions of what were both memories and that magnified more so through unreality. 

"S-stop," Key pleaded, struggling a little and pulling away from Jonghyun’s touch. It wasn’t safe, it wasn’t safe, nothing was safe - it was dark and nothing was-

"I’m here," Jonghyun murmured, before trying once more to put an arm around Key.

As much as the other boy put on an act that he was okay, he was strong, when nightfall came and dreams took over, every pretence Key had put up, would crash. Crash from memories of a time when abuse and pain was all he knew. 

"N-no you-you weren’t," Key half sobbed, choking out but this time he let Jonghyun pull him into his arms. It broke Jonghyun’s heart to hear those words - Key was right. He hadn’t been there, he hadn’t been there for Key when it had mattered most - when Key had needed him most.

"I’m here now, Key," Jonghyun breathed into Key’s shoulder, holding the other boy’s trembling figure close against him.

Key shuddered, and let out another soft torn cry, causing Jonghyun’s heart to clench tightly.

"P-please, s-stay," Key begged into his shirt, reaching up to clench onto the fabric.

Jonghyun hugged Key tighter. 

"It’s over, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere." Jonghyun mumbled to the boy he loved. 

And his words were entirely true. Jonghyun wouldn’t leave Key’s side again. 

Even if it meant that Key would wake up for every night for the rest of their lives, to nightmares of that brief moment Jonghyun couldn’t be there. 

He would spend the rest of his life being there for Key regardless. Keeping Key right where he belonged, in the middle of the night, through nightmares and tears -

In his arms.